For over 15 years, we have provided litigators with research to deepen their understanding of how a jury will receive their arguments. We've recruited for mock juries, jury selection focus groups and other legal focus groups. From start to finish, PMR will ensure you understand how your case will land with a jury.  We've worked in states from California to Connecticut and will support your needs in gathering the appropriate respondent panel. Please fill out a project inquiry form below or contact us directly via email ( or phone (563 322 1960).

Running a Legal Focus group? We offer the following services nationwide:

  • Consultation on facilities requirements group size and demographic mix.

  • Recruiting via phone, web, or social media.

  • Daily updates on progress towards recruitment goals.

  • Compensation and any follow up contact for the respondents.

  • Reminder calls, texts and emails to make sure your group shows up.

  • Facilities setup and management of catering needs.

  • Day-of group management to ensure you can focus on your arguments, not herding the respondents.


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